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I'm emi the polar bear! I munching Geng Ham 24/7, joking around with my Gengfan jiejies, jamming to kpop & reading manga~

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(130401) “Stars in Danger” recording

Today was the first recording of the diving competition “Stars in Danger”. Han Geng did 2 jumps, and he got high scores on both of them (57.5 on the first one, and 59.5 on the second one). If I’ve understood correctly, there were 2 teams today. A red team and a blue team (Han Geng was on the blue team), and the blue team won. During the show, they played a VCR that showed when Han Geng once fainted in the water during training (last picture).

Photo cr: @还跟在你身边吧 | the rest on the photos